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Chapter 1 :  Use First and Last Name Always  “A name is not only the youth’s identification in the world; it is the beginning to everything that distinguishes them from anybody else.”
Chapter 2 : Turning a Negative into a Positive  “Every day is a day to improve on the day before, to try harder and get a little bit better than yesterday.”
Chapter 3 : Power of the Brain  “My brain is wired to think about me, even if I’m trying my hardest to think about you.”
Chapter 4 : Life’s a Struggle, No Matter What  “If you’re going to struggle in life, would you rather struggle in prison, locked-up, or as a free person?”
Chapter 5 : Driving a Car Legally  “Conversations should be framed for the purposes of guiding a youth legally.”
Chapter 6 : Being Pro-active “Learning what works is the ‘never-ending challenge’” 
Chapter 7 : The Need for Emotion  “It takes emotion to cause a youth to think about making Big Life Changes.”
Chapter 8 : Equality  “The presentation of equality in a conversation is something a youth will see as a sign of respect.”
Chapter 9 : Baker’s Dozen Ways to Say ‘Later’  “In dangerous situations in the neighborhood or outside the neighborhood, whatever line does the trick.”
Chapter 10 : Favorite Things  “You can’t go fishing or drive a car in jail or prison.”
Chapter 11 : Crib, Job, Ride and Maybe Some College  “A whole lot of trial and error experiences are needed for a youth to grow into an adult and become mature enough to live on their own.”
Chapter 12 : Lightbulbs  “All the youth have the same amount of lightbulbs; they just turn on at different times.”
Chapter 13 : Teamwork, Collaboration and the Blanket Coverage Approach  “Youth Whisperers are not saviors.  They are ‘Guiding Lights’ and team players.”
Chapter 14 : Don’t Blame the Messenger  “Nothing in this life is more important than follow-through.  Be a person who does what he says he’s going to do.”
Chapter 15 : Weed  “When youth stop smoking Weed, it is as if the smoke cloud starts to disappear in their path of life and in their brain.”
Chapter 16 : Being at the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time  “Desperate people do desperate things.  This is how crimes happen.”
Chapter 17 : How Old Do You Want to Be When You Die?  “A healthy young person should have every expectation to live to be 80 years old.”
Chapter 18 : Tone of Voice and Why Be a Whisperer  “Helping others is a big part of defining ‘the meaning of life’.”

Copyright 2013 - The Youth Whisperer by Howard Alperin